What To Know About Local Malaysia Companion Rules

malaysia travel companionsHiring a hot, local Malaysian companion for your business or leisure stay is a smart decision. You’ll have someone at your side to help you to navigate the local culture, find wonderful places to eat, and completely enjoy all of the activities the country has to offer. But before you get started, there’s some general rules for booking time with a companion at malaysiababe.com that you’ll need to keep in mind, in order to ensure a successful experience.

First, make sure that you’re only booking companionship services from a reputable agency. Your best bet is to book from an agency that has generated and earned high reviews from previous reputable clients. This is especially crucial in a country like Malaysia.

Due to its geographic location, neighboring countries are known for unsavory escort practices. If you wish to avoid working with unsavory companies, then be mindful to only work with an agency that provides a safe and pleasant experience for their contract ladies and their clients.

Speaking of unsavory practices, working with a highly-reviewed agency will ensure that you’re not being taken advantage of. Due to differences in language or cultural barriers, it’s easy for visiting men to be financially taken advantage of. You could be taken in by scam artists who will take your money, never to be heard from again. You might be set up for physical harm. There’s all sorts of dangers that could happen, but only if you don’t book services with a respected companionship agency.

Next, there’s the issue of rates. In order to provide safety and enjoyment for the ladies and the clients, the agency needs to set its rates at a certain fee level. Please don’t try to negotiate lower rates in order to cheaply book a companion.

buildings-city-cityscape-22804.jpgPaying higher rates ensures that the agency can provide you with the most beautiful, sophisticated companion tour guides. This also ensures that the agency has the technology to create a respected and reputable marketing image for new and repeat clients. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Ask your agency what methods of payment they’ll accept. A reputable agency will gladly tell you what type of payments they’ll accept, and they’ll provide multiple options for your convenience. But don’t assume that they’ll accept your favorite credit card or a traveler’s cheque. Be sure that you’re clear on this issue before you arrive for your tour guide companion date.

Finally, show respect for yourself, the agency, and your companion by arriving for your date as hygienic as possible. If you’ve had a long day at work, then perhaps you can make time for a quick shower and shirt change before your date. If you’ve been touring the beaches and the parks all day, then getting the sweat and grime off of your body, along with changing your clothes, shows your companion that you respect her time and her sensibilities.

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